Boho dreams: Create Indo-western Fusion with Ethnic bottoms

Indo-Western style is like that fab fusion dance move you never knew you had in you! It's the art of pairing the timeless elegance of ethnic wear with the free-spirited charm of boho chic. That’s what we’re going to do today!Imagine a saree with leather jackets or Patiala with a jean jacket- sounds fun, right?Just like that, today we're diving headfirst into the world of ethnic bottomwear for women and how you can incorporate these fabulous finds into your boho festive looks. And to make it even better, we've got some killer options from Go Colors – the go-to destination for all things trendy and ethnic!

First we have…

Image of a model dressed in Go Colors Harem Pants

Harem Pants

Picture this: you're at a music festival, swaying to the rhythm of your favorite band. What could be better than doing it in ultimate comfort? Harem pants are your answer! These baggy, flowy pants are not only incredibly comfy but also super stylish. Style Tip: For a laid-back boho vibe, pair your harem pants with a slinky graphic camisole or tee, some leather gladiators, and a fringed bag. Add a statement necklace and oversized sunglasses to complete the look.

Dhoti Pants

Dhoti pants bring an exotic twist to your boho look. The straight-cut silhouette and intricate ankle-work make these pants a must-have for any bohemian wardrobe. Go for earthy tones and pair them with a simple tank top or a flowy blouse. Style Tip: To infuse a bohemian touch accessorize with chunky silver jewelry and embellished sandals. A colorful headscarf or bandana can add an extra pop of boho flair. Top it off with a statement belt and some chunky bracelets, and you're ready!

Image of a model dressed in Go Colors Dhoti Pants
Image of a model dressed in Go Colors Harem Dhoti Pants

Harem Dhoti Pants

Can't decide between harem pants and dhoti pants? Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds in one? Harem dhoti pants are a fusion of these two styles, offering you the perfect blend of comfort and uniqueness. These pants scream uniqueness with their relaxed fit and draping. Style tip: Pair your harem dhoti pants with a short tunic. For more of an indo-western look, you can go for a tank top and a long kimono-style cardigan. Throw on a colorful scarf as a headband and some funky sunglasses for that bohemian goddess look.

Patiala Pants

Patiala pants are a must-have when it comes to letting your inner desi out. The pleated design and voluminous flare are perfect for creating a captivating look. Style tip: Pair them with a nice embellished kurta and dupatta for more of a traditional look. If you’re a fusion girlie, then a fitted crop top and a DIY jean jacket can be your option. Don't forget to add some jingling anklets to complete the look!

Image of a model dressed in Go Colors Patiala pants
Image of a model dressed in Go Colors Cropped Salwar

Cropped Salwar

If you prefer a more minimalist yet eye-catching style, cropped salwar pants are your best bet. These pants are all about simplicity and comfort. They are available in soft, pastel shades and classic neutrals.Style Tip: Keep it simple yet chic by pairing cropped salwar pants with a floral printed sleeveless tunic, some chunky jewels, and simple sandals. Accessorize with layered necklaces if you want to maintain that bohemian edge.And here's the best part – these pants are not just stylish; they're incredibly comfortable too. You can dance, explore, and lounge in them without a care in the world. So, whether you're planning a beachside bonfire or a desert adventure, these pants have got you covered.Now that you know all about these fantastic ethnic bottomwear options, where can you find them? Head on over to the Go Colors to explore our extensive range of ethnic bottomwear and embark on your boho fashion journey today. These versatile pieces will not only enhance your style but also provide the comfort you need to embrace your free-spirited adventures.Happy shopping and styling!

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