Trail-Tested Coziness: Unveiling the Winter Wonders of Go Colors' Bottoms for Your Next Hike

December 06, 2023

Strap on your adventure boots, because we're diving deep into the world of hiking fashion! Let's talk threads, kicks, and all the essentials you need to conquer those trails like a boss. Now, I get it, you're not looking for a runway, but you want to be the trail trendsetter, right?

You don't need a closet full of high-tech gear, but comfort and safety are your VIP passes. Mother Nature can be a bit unpredictable, so we're prepping you for all the curveballs, from weather wackiness to trail surprises. This guide is your go-to for what to wear on your hiking escapade, especially if you're a trail-blazing woman. What's a hiking ensemble without the perfect pair of pants? Enter Go Colors, your go-to brand for bottoms that blend comfort, style, and warmth seamlessly. Let's make sure you're not just hiking, but hiking in style! 

Ultra Warm Joggers

Let's kick things off with a classic - The Ultra Warm Joggers are not your average pants – they're a winter fortress for your legs. Crafted with a plush fleece lining, these joggers are designed to trap heat close to your body, ensuring you stay warm even on the coldest trails. The elasticized waistband and cuffs provide a secure fit, sealing out the cold and keeping the warmth in. The joggers come in a variety of earthy tones, ensuring you not only stay warm but also look cool while doing it.

Design Features:

  • Plush fleece lining for superior insulation and comfort.
  • Elasticized waistband for a snug fit without restricting movement.
  • Ribbed cuffs to prevent cold drafts from sneaking in.


Outfit Idea: Pair these joggers with a moisture-wicking base layer and a weather-resistant outer shell. The joggers, combined with a thermal top and a windproof jacket, create a layered barrier against the elements. Complete the ensemble with insulated hiking boots and gloves for a trail-ready look that's both functional and fashionable.  

Warm Casual Pants


If you're in the mood for something casual yet snug, the Warm Casual Pants combine comfort with versatility. Crafted from ribbed cotton, these pants offer a textured surface that not only adds style but also enhances insulation. The versatility of these pants is unmatched. Whether you're navigating rocky trails or strolling through a quaint winter market, the Warm Casual Pants have got you covered. The drawstring waist ensures a customizable fit, while the material keeps the cold from creeping up your legs.

Design Features:

  • Ribbed cotton for added warmth and texture.
  • Drawstring waist for a personalized fit.
  • Full-length coverage to keep the cold out.


Outfit Idea: Opt for a moisture-wicking base layer beneath these pants and pair them with a lightweight down jacket. The ribbed cotton provides a cozy layer, while the jacket offers additional insulation. Complete the look with ankle boots and a beanie for a practical and chic winter hiking outfit. 

Ultra Warm Pants

If you're the kind of hiker who likes to add a dash of cuteness to the great outdoors, you gotta upgrade your winter wardrobe with the Ultra Warm Pants in velour, where luxury meets functionality. The velour material not only feels heavenly against the skin but also acts as a barrier against cold winds. The slim-fit design ensures you stay warm without compromising on style, making these pants perfect for both urban and outdoor adventures.

Design Features:

  • Velour material for a luxurious feel and effective cold resistance.
  • Slim fit for a stylish silhouette without sacrificing warmth.
  • Elasticized waistband for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Ankle-length design for optimal coverage.


Outfit Idea: Layer these pants over thermal leggings for added warmth and pair them with a quilted puffer coat. The velour pants, combined with the insulating properties of the coat, create a cozy cocoon against the cold. Finish the look with stylish snow boots and a faux fur-lined hood for a touch of winter glamour. 

Ultra Warm Leggings

Brace yourself for the ultimate winter coziness with Ultra Warm Leggings. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these leggings are more than just an extra layer – they're a thermal embrace for your legs. The velour material provides a plush feel against your skin while efficiently trapping heat, making them the perfect companion for cold-weather hikes.

Design Features:

  • Elasticized waistband for a secure fit without digging in.
  • Ankle-length design for optimal coverage and insulation.
  • Slim fit for easy layering without adding bulk.
  • Velour material for a luxurious touch and effective cold resistance.


Outfit Idea: Embrace the versatility of these leggings by wearing them as a base layer beneath your hiking pants or treggings. Their slim fit allows for seamless layering, providing an extra barrier against the chill. Team them up with an insulated jacket, waterproof boots, and a cozy hat for a winter hiking look that's as practical as it is stylish.

So here are the winter-ready bottoms that are not just about style – they're a functional necessity for conquering those chilly trails. So, lace up those boots, slip into your favorite pair of Go Colors bottoms, and hit the trail with confidence. Winter may be nipping at your nose, but with the right pants, you'll be striding through the snow like a true trailblazer. 

Happy hiking, and stay stylishly warm!

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